When buried at a VA cemetery, all veterans are entitled to a free burial space and headstone. Regardless of these benefits, there are still a large number of outstanding funeral preparations that are not covered by the Veteran’s Association. As a funeral home that has been a long-standing member of the community for over a century, Thomas-Marcom understands that a military funeral is inherently different from those of a civilian. We take pride in providing honorable, personalized veteran burials and cremations as a genuine thanks for the sacrifices they have made for their country.

Requesting Military Funeral Honors

The valor and honor exemplified by military personnel is compensated with military funeral honors such as a ceremonial U.S. flag, but can also be extended to include a color guard, military pallbearers, honored with military honors. Veterans who choose to be placed in a cemetery that is not maintained by the VA may still be able to receive physical memorials.

Personalizing A Veteran’s Service

Personalizing the funeral or memorial service of an honored veteran is truly important for capturing the essence of their personality and traits. Upon request, our funeral home proudly personalizes every detail of veteran services. We are able to customize casket panels, medallions, urns, and pamphlets, among other things.