Personalizing a funeral honors what was unique about your loved one. Thomas-Marcom offers an incredible number of personalization options to customize each funeral to the life that was lived. Below are just a few of our popular personalization services.

Photos and Photo Albums: There are ample opportunities for photos to be displayed during a service, either using a standing display or a digital slideshow. If desired, photos can also be included in the service’s program or offered to attendees as a keepsake.

Personalized Videos: Displaying a video of your loved one is a touching way to share the story of their life with the service’s attendees. Home videos and video compilations are two moving ways families can express the words that can be so hard to find.

Music: For some individuals, nothing is more moving than music. If your loved one was a fan of a particular type of music, including their favorite genre or band in the service’s proceedings is always a touching addition to the service.

Funeral Programs: The funeral program dispersed to friends and family at the beginning of the service is a simple yet engaging way to personalize a memorial or funeral. The program can be personalized to display a handsome photo, but may also be used to share touching words or phrases favored by your loved one.

There are hundreds of unique ways for families to personalize a funeral or memorial service. If your family has a specific vision in mind for the service of your loved one, please don’t hesitate to request it.

Personalization Options

  • Balloon Release
  • Burial at Sea
  • Candlelight Ceremony
  • Casket Personalization
  • Dove Release
  • Eulogies
  • Limousine Service
  • Memorial Items
  • Military Honors
  • Motorcycle Hearse
  • Oil Portraits
  • Online Obituaries
  • Online Remembrance
  • Online Tribute Videos
  • Picture Boards
  • Prayer Cards
  • Remembrance Jewelry & Keepsakes
  • Thumbies® – Thumbprint Jewelry
  • Unique Music Selection
  • Video Tributes (DVD)