The amount of people selecting cremation over traditional burials has significantly increased in recent years. Cremation can be paired with a number of personalization options that honor the life, personality, and final wishes of your loved one. Thomas-Marcom is a certified cremation provider and an exclusive member of Cremation with Confidence™. Our funeral home guarantees families a noteworthy ten-step cremation process which provides families with peace of mind.

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Cremation with Confidence™

Cremation with Confidence™ was designed to ensure families have peace of mind while trusting the cremated remains of their loved one with their cremation provider. Designed to treat all individuals with respect, dignity, and honor, the Cremation with Confidence™ ten-step guarantee assures your loved one is well cared for, and that the cremated remains you receive are your loved one’s.

A System Of Checks And Balances

As difficult as it may be to consider, not all cremation providers have dedicated themselves to ensuring the peace of mind of the families in their community. In recent years, various news reports have exposed multiple, unethical cremation providers accused of cutting corners in order to cut their costs. To give families throughout the U.S. peace of mind, the ten-step cremation process attributed to Cremation with Confidence™ guarantees that the cremated remains being returned to you are truly those of your loved one, and that they have been handled respectfully.

Working With A Cremation With Confidence™ Cremation Provider

Working with a funeral home that is a exclusive Cremation with Confidence™ provider, allows families to feel good that your loved one is treated with respect. If you have any questions about our cremation services, or need further information about the ten steps used to ensure family’s peace of mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Personalizing Cremation

If desired, cremation can be paired with a traditional or contemporary memorial service, but does not require a service at all if it is against the wishes of the surviving family members. Thomas-Marcom offers a number of different personalization options for families to select from, including unique urns, pamphlets, video testimonies, and more.


Although memorialization can take a number of different forms, it is essentially the practice of honoring an individual’s life by commemorating them. Creating a memorial to honor your loved one gives existing family members and future descendants a place to visit and honor the life of their loved one. Some of the popular memorialization options we can help you choose from outdoor niches, scattering, traditional burial, and personalized memorialization, such as a park bench or other unique memorial.