Thomas-Marcom offers a vast number of burial options, each of which can be customized to honor the final wishes of your loved one. Often, burial services begin with a viewing, then a service, followed by burial or placement in an above-ground mausoleum. Depending on your family’s personal preferences and religious orientation, however, the burial proceedings may vary.

Casket Services

Two of the most difficult decisions families make when planning a funeral include selecting a casket and determining whether or not to hold a graveside service. Thomas-Marcom offers a wide variety of affordable caskets to choose from, including different wood finishes, interior linings, and more. Our staff of caring funeral professionals is prepared with the knowledge and understanding needed to help you and your family select the best burial proceedings for your loved one. To ensure each family is able to pick the perfect casket for their needs, our in-house selection room is available for viewing anytime during business hours.

Graveside Services

Depending on your family’s personal preferences, a graveside service may also be held after the visitation or funeral. Using our fleet of service-ready vehicles, Thomas-Marcom offers sophisticated and safe transfer of caskets from the chapel and to the final resting place. Our fleet includes two Lincoln coaches and one Lincoln limousine, which allows family members and other service attendees to travel in comfort as your loved one is transferred to the graveside.