Respect Your Loved Ones

Although considering your own funeral arrangements may naturally make most individuals a bit uneasy, more adults are learning that taking the time to preplan a funeral allows your loved ones the emotional and financial security they need to get through this difficult time. By taking the time to plan your funeral in advance, you can save your family some of the emotional and financial stress they will surely feel planning your funeral. With a preplanned funeral, your surviving family members can be reassured that your final wishes are being fulfilled without question.

Lock-In Lower Rates

Preplanning a funeral can include anything from creating a detailed service plan to prepaying the funeral service in advance. When our clients finalize a funeral arrangement, we provide them the total for the services according to current market rates. By prepaying your funeral service in advance, you are locking in today’s funeral rates and protecting yourself from any escalating costs in the future.

Personal Preferences

Planning funeral arrangements require deeply personal choices. Because preplanning allows you the opportunity to carefully consider their final wishes without a rush, it gives you the time needed to make rational, detailed decisions regarding your funeral standards and budget.

To make preplanning as comfortable and easy as possible, Thomas-Marcom Funeral Home offers in-person and online preplanning forms, which allows families to pick their basic or detailed funeral preferences when convenient for them.