Although planning a funeral can be an uneasy and complicated process, it can be even more stressful for those who must do so after the unexpected death of a loved one. Thankfully, a number of families are beginning to see the importance of preplanning a funeral. To ensure your final wishes are carried out in full, use the funeral planning checklist below to plot your funeral. Each of these items can be arranged and pre-paid prior to an individual’s death.

General Preparations:

  • Select a charity to donate to, if desired.
  • Finalize your will.
  • Select a reputable funeral home.
  • Compile personal information to use in your obituary.

Funeral Home Services:

  • Make a decision between burial and cremation.
  • Select a casket or urn.
  • Choose the type of personalized service you’d like to be remembered by.
  • Select the best location for your service.
  • Select a cemetery.
  • Select a plot for a final resting place.
  • Select between viewing and visitation.
  • Choose floral arrangements.
  • Choose a selection of photographs to use for obituaries and the service.
  • Determine whether religious or fraternal items will be on display during the service.
  • Select a music playlist, including songs, hymns, or musical compositions.
  • Pick any literature or scripture that you would like to have spoken at the service.
  • If you plan on a visitation, determine what type of clothing will be most appropriate.
  • Select a register for your memorial.
  • Select a funeral coach.
  • Select a clergy car.
  • Select a family limousine.
  • Select a pallbearer limousine.
  • Select a flower car (if desired).

Overseeing Staff:

  • Choose a clergy officer or officiator to oversee your memorial.
  • Select any musical parties that will be present for the service.
  • Select family and friends to share a eulogy.

Select a friend or family member to share a piece of literature or scripture during the memorial.