Family-owned funeral homes are integral pieces of their surrounding community. Since 1888, Thomas-Marcom has maintained a reputation for its community-oriented staff, beautiful facilities, and affordable costs. Our funeral services allow families to add personal touches and personalized services to ensure the final wishes of their loved one are followed through.

A Part Of The Community

The American funeral profession has deep ties to the local communities. As one of the oldest funeral homes in California, Thomas-Marcom has been a dedicated member of the Selma community for more than 125 years. By using locally sourced staff members, each member of our team strives to provide thoughtful, caring, and supportive services to the families of Selma.

Comprehensive Funeral Arrangements

Our established funeral home features a traditional chapel with beautiful stained glass windows and rows of pews, as well as televisions, a lobby, and a family room. Our memorial options include everything you would need to create a personalized funeral or memorial service. We can even help find cemetery property, monuments or markers, burial property, and more. When the time comes to determine a final resting place, our funeral directors will work with third parties to secure a cemetery plot if one has not been selected already.